Helping Tell Facebook’s Sustainability Story


Helping Tell Facebook’s Sustainability Story

- Beyond

Today we are proud to unveil a new website for Facebook that brings to life their deep commitment to sustainability:

Beyond worked with Facebook to develop this visual story by addressing this project from a few different angles. First, we utilized our analytics capabilities by doing an analysis of the Insights data to understand what stories resonate most with Facebook’s green audience. That formed the basis of what made it into the site, and how the story evolved.

Then, we unleashed our design expertise on the project, working in close collaboration with Facebook. Ultimately, borrowing the look and feel of Facebook’s new Timeline format made the most sense.

And, finally, in the development phase we wanted to make the site subtly dynamic, flexible and built using the latest web standards. With a parallax scrolling effect, HTML5 and CSS3 we were able to make the page come alive as the user navigates through Facebook’s story, uncovering hidden gems as they roll over each new content article.

But, the real credit here goes to Facebook itself, who has been making great strides to help the environment and empower billions of people around the world to do the same. As the site explains, the power of the Facebook Platform, the company’s Sustainable Technology and approach to living “Everyday Green” is making a significant impact globally. To stay up to date on these initiatives, head over to

We hope you enjoy.

(and, again, thanks for scrolling).



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