The Digest: Instagram, BMX and days gone by


The Digest: Instagram, BMX and days gone by

- Lexis Agency

It’s that time again, so what’s been happening over the last week or so that we just couldn’t resist sharing?


  • The giant that is Facebook has just purchased photo sharing app Instagram, for 1 billion dollars. This has sparked fears over another ‘dotcom bubble burst’, similar to the one experienced in the early noughties. As we know, sites like Friends Reunited were initially sold for ¬£120m, and then plummeted to ¬£25m a few years on. Does technology move too fast for deals like this to be successful long term? Only time will tell.
  • Recent research shows the in the US Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social networking site, after Facebook and Twitter. The ratio of girls to boys is still a little uneven, with a 60/40 split of women to men – could it be the pretty pictures that us girls are drawn to?
  • We were a little skeptical about the validity of these numbers, but we enjoyed reading this article about what your posts are worth. It seems odd that a status update or tweet about that pasta you just ate, or that magazine you read could be worth $0.024 to likes of Facebook or $9.13 to Yelp Review.


The Play Button from Spotify. This is more of a tool for online publishers, but none the less an interesting one for the wider public too as everyone gets to benefit from the music. Play Button allows bloggers and web editors to embed music directly into their sites. This means that those with the Spotify app open on their computer or mobiles, will be able to listen to music which is embedded in different sites without navigating away from the page.

A new way to Dropbox files to the masses has also just landed, and it’s called! This gives you the power to not only send a file or document to just one person, but share it will all your friends and family at once!


Turntable Rider created by COGOO (bicycle sharing service) – voted ‘viral of the week’ by Stuff and by us too! It was only posted up a few days ago and already has 56,407 views! It shows a group of Japanese guys creating music with a BMX, and it’s awesome.


Sometimes it’s nice to take a walk down the memory lane of social media, to see how far we’ve come and where we might go next. This infographic from UTalkMarketing does exactly that, and shows the continuing evolution of the social media market place!



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