The Digest: Trip Advisor, creative timelines and the return of Tupac


The Digest: Trip Advisor, creative timelines and the return of Tupac

- Lexis Agency

The social media machines at Lexis have once again been tirelessly tracking the latest digital trends – here’s what caught our eye this week.


  • Google+ unveiled a redesign that has made the site easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing. Pictures and videos are now bigger and more beautiful, the chat function has a much more prominent space and the new page dedicated to hangouts makes them easier to find and join. Cover photos and trending topics also make an appearance (arguably borrowed from Facebook and Twitter respectively), as well as a snazzy drag-and-drop ‘navigation ribbon’. Google+ still strenuously denies that it has ‘failed to take off’, confirming that 100m of the 170m users have engaged with the site in the past 30 days. Will the revamp drive these numbers up?
  • TripAdvisor recommendations just got personal – the holiday tips website has partnered with Facebook to show you if you are connected to anyone who has written reviews. The idea that those making recommendations on TripAdvisor are in fact friends of your Facebook friends could dispel doubts customers may currently have for the authenticity of reviews.
  • If your business is still unsure how to make the most of the Facebook Timeline, Social Media Examiner has picked five ways it can be used creatively. Tips include the use of interesting milestones, using the prominent ‘about’ box to house a call to action, as well as using the bigger pictures to tell a brand story.


A new Facebook app called Fan Page Mobilizer enables content from Facebook fan pages, such as photos, posts and events to be easily reformatted into a mobile web app. This simple solution could prove handy for small start ups who want mobile friendly information, without the trouble of building an app from scratch. Currently available on iOS devices with an Android version on the way. The app builder is free for anyone who likes the Facebook app on Facebook, or you can buy it for $5

If you wish you could hide certain status updates on Twitter, is here. It’s a plug-in for Chrome that allows you to filter out unwanted tweets – such as updates from specific users or programs.


It’s been a good week for mind-blowing publicity – our first viral of the week is a good old fashioned stunt in a Flemish square, to launch the cable channel TNT Drama in Belgium. A button was placed in the centre with the words “push to add drama”. Drama did indeed ensue – as did over 24 million YouTube hits.

Our second viral is as cutting edge as you can get – Coachella Festival was given chills as Tupac Shakur was brought back to life to rap on stage with Snoop Dog. Dr Dre. has been credited as the brainchild of the operation, who worked with San Diego company AV Concepts to project and stage a hologram created by Oscar winning Hollywood effects house Digital Domain. The performace has been greeted with cries to bring back other deceased icons – could this be the future of touring?


The number of social networks available to brands are forever growing, but how do you know which one to use and when? Business consultant network Zintro has produced this infographic to help you suss out your social media strategy and ‘leverage yourself as an expert’.



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