The Digest: Google Drive, Pinterest Pics, Nike’s Alternative Product Launch And Universal’s 100th Birthday


The Digest: Google Drive, Pinterest Pics, Nike’s Alternative Product Launch And Universal’s 100th Birthday

- Lexis Agency

It’s Wednesday, which means that it is time for an update on all the latest digital news, campaigns and videos from the last week.


  • Google launched Google Drive yesterday, after weeks of speculation. The new service will allow you to store documents in ‘the cloud’ and log in from anywhere in the world to access them. A key selling point for the new service is that it will incorporate Google Docs, which means you will be able to work collaboratively on documents in real time. Another interesting element of the service is that you will be able to open documents in the browser in 30 different formats – even if you don’t have the software installed! The service will also impact on your search results – so if you’ve stored a picture of Tower Bridge, next time you google that term your photos will show up in the image results. At the moment you can download Drive to your mobile, tablet, PC or Laptop.
  • Pinterest has really blown up recently, so how can your business take advantage of the network’s new found popularity? This article from Social Media Examiner provides five tips on how to make your site sharable to Pinterest users.
  • We’ve all seen the queues at the Apple store for the new iPads and at Game when Modern Warfare launches but did you know that in the US Nike stores suffer the same fate when new trainers are launched? In response Nike has instigated an interesting new method of managing the crowd for their product launches. The company has created a Twitter RSVP service that alerts users to a time and location where they will be able to get hold of new products. The stores tweet out a shoe specific hashtag, which users must then DM back to their specific store, with identification details and shoe size. They are then told when to turn up to the store to collect their shoes!


SeeClickFix is a web application, also available for iPhoneAndroid and Blackberry, that empowers active citizens with a simple and easy avenue to reach their government about non-essential issues they see within their communities. The tool is effectively crowd sourcing the identification of civic issues.


SeeClickFix lets people highlight issues in their neighborhood to local administrators.

Another tool that has been all over the web this week is SocialCam. Described as ‘Instagram for video’ this app has seen huge growth and is sure to be an acquisition target for one of the major tech companies in the coming months. The app allows you to capture video content, edit it, apply filters to it and then share it anywhere and everywhere.

SocialCam is like Instagram for Facebook and encourages the sharing of video on social sites.



Universal Studios celebrates it’s 100th anniversary this year and to celebrate they are bringing some legends of the silverscreen to your smatphone/tablet. The company have create and app, devised by Aurasma, that will react to 15 different blu-ray and DVD covers to bring scenes from the specific films to life on your screen.

The app also works with three locations in central London. If you visit Big Ben you can see the DeLorean from Back To The Future appear and you can also find King Kong clambering up Nelson’s Column. The Queen may also need additional security for the Diamond Jubilee as a T-Rex from Jurassic Park will appear at Buckingham Palace if you have the app.

Universal's app incorporates AR technology with real world locations to bring some of the silver screen's biggest names to life.


This infogaphic looks at the impact that social media has had on how people consume news and identifies some of the biggest stories of the last year that were broken on social media – like the Osama Bin Laden assassination and the Arab Spring in Egypt. However, the infographic also poses a warning – always check your stats as what you read on social media might not be true.



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