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Science of Sharing

November 29th, 2011 - Beyond

New research by Redshift (on behalf of Beyond, M Booth and Lexis) explores the impact of social media on consumer buying processes. Redshift used its consumer panels to conduct over 3,000 online interviews (1,583 in the US and 1,503 in the UK), with the research designed and analysed by Beyond.  The research sought to gain insight into how consumers interact with brands online, their online evaluation processes when making a purchase and how consumers go on to share their brand experiences with others.

With anyone from your little sister to your granny on social network platforms, brands have an appealing new space to reach consumers. And most have embraced this new space, interacting with consumers through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, how do companies/brands measure the ROI for social media activity? For a large number they focus on the number of followers or likes they attract without focusing on the wider picture. How does a person’s like or follow relate back to sales or revenue?

The research indicates that the online channels (social media, review sites, product sites, etc.,) a consumer will use during the purchasing process varies depending on the level of their purchase. High purchase products are risky, big ticket items like a car or kitchen appliance and low purchase products are typically more impulsive, lower cost and involve little researching. 
The days of a passive audience consuming adverts and marketing campaigns are now gone. Consumers themselves are now creating content about a brand, through non-traditional media sources such as reviews and social media sites, all of which have the potential to influence others.

The data from the research demonstrates this with 53% of consumers interacting with a brand on Facebook and 20% using Facebook for brand information on a daily basis. A further 42% of all respondents have written a product review on a site and 8% of all consumers do so, on a regular basis.

Using cluster analysis two categories of sharer were identified. People who share and create content (writing reviews, liking or following brands) are High Sharers and in contrast Low Sharers access content, but seldom add to it.

Understanding the path that your customer will go down is essential for developing an effective social strategy. And there is little doubt that creating highly shareable and engaging online content will give a brand higher visibility and as a result an increase in sales.


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Redshift Goes Global

October 18th, 2011 - Redshift Research

After four years of continual growth Redshift Research has at last recruited someone to work in New York to help grow the US business and capitalise on the opportunities that have been identified and developed over the last two years. …

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Byte Night

October 11th, 2011 - Bite

When packing my bag for the night I did feel a bit of a cheat… Warm coat, hat, sleeping bag, at least I was prepared for being homeless (unlike most people).

With a slightly nervous feel to my stomach I hoped on the train to central London, met by Jane. Jane subsequently went on to ridicule my extremely thin sleeping bag, the fear of being cold was kicking in!

At approximately 11pm, we bedded down for the night (close to Tower Bridge). When I say bedded, no bed involved, just my thin sleeping bag and a plastic sheet between me and the grass (which was damp and not very comfortable).

Things, at this point didn’t seem too bad, I got chatting to some other sleepers…but then the cold set in.  Fleece number one went on, the extra set of tracksuit bottoms went on, umm still cold…fleece number two went on…still cold. Ski jacket on…still cold.

In the end I determined that the only thing to do was to get in my sleeping bag and call it a night (now I know why Jane ridiculed my sleeping bag).  When I was laying there I thought about why I was doing this, I was cold and lying on the floor! But imagine if I was only 16, on my own, without the layers and albeit a thin sleeping bag (but still a sleeping bag). The donations made really make a difference to the young people who find themselves in this situation.

6.00am…yawn I am tired! At least I managed to get a few hours kip, I can imagine if I was alone I wouldn’t sleep at all out there. So back on the train I go, back to my comfy bed 🙂

But I wasn’t as joyful as I thought I would be about seeing my bed, every night since I have gone to bed thinking about those who don’t have a bed, those who don’t have all the layers I had or even a thin sleeping bag, those who don’t have their friend with them for support. It really is a scary thought….

There is still time to sponsor me! You can either sponsor me a fiver by texting Byte Red to 70800 or by following the link link

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Redshift goes global (well we’ve crossed the “Pond”)

September 28th, 2011 - Redshift Research

After four years of continual growth Redshift Research has at last recruited someone to work in New York to help grow the US business and capitalise on the opportunities that have been identified and developed over the last two years. Despite not having had a presence in North America until now revenues from the US …

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