Aim Rule 26 Disclosure

This page contains all the information required to be disclosed in accordance with AIM Rule 26.

Company Name: Next Fifteen Communications Group PLC (the ‘Company’)

Description: Founded in 1981, we are a specialist communications Group, driven by technology. We are a Group centred on the technology of marketing: data, insight, analytics, apps, content platforms and content itself. The Company is a family of autonomous marketing businesses, spanning digital content, PR, consumer, technology, marketing software, market research, public affairs and policy communications. Find out more about our brands at Portfolio.

Company Number: 01579589

Listing: The Company is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange

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Share Symbol: NFC:L

Registered Office address: 60 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7RT

Company of Incorporation & Main Country of Operation

The Company is incorporated in England. Its main country of operation is in the US.

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers and is not listed on any other exchange or trading platforms.

Issued Share Capital

As at 1 July 2022, the current number of issued shares of 2.5 pence each was 98,222,313. The rights attaching to these ordinary shares are covered by the Articles of Association.

Shares Not in Public Hands

As at 31 August 2022 the percentage of the Company’s issued share capital that is not in public hands was 31.7%. In accordance with the AIM rules, this has been calculated by reference to shares held in the Next Fifteen Employee Trust together with those held by directors of the company and its subsidiaries, as well as by substantial shareholders.

List of Significant Shareholders

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Restriction in Transfer of AIM Securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

Corporate Governance

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AIM Admission Document

The Company did not issue an admission document as it came to AIM from the Full List and so was not required to produce an admission document.

List of Directors and their Biographical details

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Board Responsibilities

Our Board of Directors is made up of a Non Executive Chairman, two Non Executive and two Executive Directors. The roles of our Chairman and our Chief Executive Officer are separate and clearly defined. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the executive management of the Group's business while the Chairman is responsible for the leadership of the Board.

All directors have access to the advice and services of our Company Secretary, who is responsible for ensuring that Board procedures and applicable rules and regulations are observed. For further information, please click here.

Company Announcements

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Nomad and Advisors

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Annual and Interim Reports

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Shareholder Circulars

There have been no circulars or similar publications within the past 12 months.