The big agency groups aren’t built for the new, agile growth plays.

We are.

We’re a decentralised network of highly specialised consultancies and agencies powered by data, tech, AI and very smart people. We call it The Next Network because it’s a whole new model.

The Next Network is:

Key stats.


£2.5m revenue clients working multiple brands


clients spending +£2.5m


acquisitions in FY 2024

We’re not here to assemble a bunch of good brands. We’re here to re-invent what a network of specialists can be.

Tim Dyson, CEO

The Board

Doing four things really, really well.

Our work combines the most important growth drivers in every market. Clients work within any one, or combine all four:

Customer Insight

The winners in every market are the brands that best understand their customers. Our Insights practices harness the power of data, analytics and predictive modelling to sharpen our strategies, focus our tactics and prove we’re moving the needle.

Customer Engagement

The days of one-way, broadcast-style marketing are long gone. We help our clients discover new ways into their customers’ hearts – from fresh insights and Big Ideas to new channels, tactics and digital experiences. The goal: to stay relevant while engaging with customers across all channels, online and off.

Customer Delivery

Execution and delivery are where strategy gets real. Our delivery brands turn insight and opportunity into hard-nosed, commercial outcomes. We do it by combining real-time data sources into things like automated customer journeys; e-commerce purchase flows; programmatic campaigns; conversion optimisation; and personalised content experiences. And we do it across B2B and consumer markets.

Business Transformation

The best opportunities don’t just live in the marketing department. Our Transformation brands start upstream, with open briefs and complex growth challenges. One day we’re creating an entirely new business venture or digital product. The next day we might be driving a new funding round, solving a social problem for a government agency, or turning around a flagging business unit.

Doing it all equitably and sustainably.

We’ve made a lot of progress in making our business more responsible and sustainable. We still have a long way to go, but it’s something we expect to be held accountable for.

For Next 15, sustainability is a cornerstone of our business strategy. We recognise its vital role in achieving lasting success and creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

Here’s what we mean

Our strategy.

A fresh approach to driving growth.

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The Board.

Integrity and experience over egos.

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