Our materiality process.

In 2022 our materiality process enabled us to consult key stakeholders across our business on our key ESG focus areas, identify the risks and opportunities most relevant to our business, and ensure a strong foundation for setting our ESG Strategic Priorities.

ESG Strategic Priorities.

Focused on our clients, people, environment, community and governance, at Next 15 we ensure that we are rigorous and authentic with our goals, considering the impact of every part of our business, including how we operate, behave, influence and learn, who we partner with, and the work that we produce.

In 2022 we reported on our Environment, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) performance for the first time. We are extremely proud to have continued that journey. Being transparent and holding ourselves accountable to the commitments we have made and continue to make is a critical part of how we build trust with our clients, our suppliers, our partners and, most of all, our people.

Contribute to sustainable growth for our clients.

Our clients.

Support clients to improve their social and environmental impacts.

Work on client projects where there is a clear commitment to sustainable growth

Measure, wherever possible, the impact that our work ultimately has

Our business.

Manage our own impacts and enhance our sustainable growth expertise.

Each brand to be clear and engaged on their contribution to sustainable growth.

Acquire only brands that are committed to sustainable growth.

Support brands working towards B Corp certification.

Create an environment where diversity is valued at every level.

Reduce our emissions in line with the Science Based Targets initiative.

Our enablers.

Put in place the foundations that allow us to deliver sustainable growth.

Make Next 15 a great place to work.

Ensure robust governance and decision making.

Support causes and initiatives close to the hearts of our people and the communities in which we are based.

ESG Strategic Priorities roadmap.

Explore our ESG roadmap and the initiatives we are undertaking to set us on a path towards a more sustainable future.

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