Why companies join us.

The best work always starts with strong, respectful relationships and a positive, healthy culture. So we invest a lot of time, resources and energy in making Next 15 a place where talented people and ambitious agencies thrive.

Frankly, our nimble, entrepreneurial culture is not for everyone. But if you like the idea of attacking the world’s most challenging briefs alongside exceptional people and businesses… we should talk.

Sell without selling out.

Next 15 helps brands like yours fuel the next big growth surge.

You’ve built an amazing business. You don’t need to sell or take investment. But finding a partner to help you invest in new ideas, explore opportunities and fuel growth could make a big difference. As long as it’s the right partner. Maybe that’s us. If so, you’ll know.

Five reasons to join the Group:

1. Your journey, just faster.

Joining the Next 15 Group is about realising your vision and accelerating your roadmap – not slotting into a massive corporate machine. If you’re just looking to exit and hit the beach, we may not be for you. But if you can see where your market is going and you’re eager to get there first… let’s talk.

To be honest, there weren’t many groups we wanted to be a part of. But we’re excited to be a part of Next 15.

James Prebble, Co-Founder and CEO, Palladium 

2. A founder’s culture.

Our model isn’t designed to squeeze every brand into one way of working. It’s designed to find great leadership teams and play to their strengths. Frankly, our HQ is too lean to micromanage our brands even if we wanted to. Instead, we act as a growth catalyst, connecting our brands when it makes sense and creating the conditions for healthy growth.

Since joining Next 15, we've seen our team culture grow even stronger and more focused. The Next 15 team puts remarkable effort into personal growth and development. Our place is better now than ever and growing much faster than we imagined.

Jason Jones, CEO, Brandwidth

3. Reinventing growth.

Next 15 exists because the old ways of driving growth aren’t working any more. Our brands are all in the business of discovering new ways to help our clients grow. That’s way more exciting and rewarding than rolling out the old playbook for one more go.

The work that goes on across the Group – the sheer speed and innovation – is head spinning.

Emma Robertson, CEO, Transform UK

4. Due diligence without the death march.

Our deals tend to move quickly. Yes, we’re rigorous about due diligence but we also know how to focus on the things that really matter. Part of our job is to figure out what matters most to the founders we partner with – then to be honest about our ability to achieve that for them. This isn’t a transaction, it’s a relationship.

Our deal took about six months, from our first working meeting to the welcome drinks as part of MHP Group. The whole process was amazingly open and collegial.

Matthew Francis, CEO, La Plage

5. Our brands love… our other brands.

There’s no dead wood in the Next 15 portfolio. It’s a group of remarkable specialist consultancies and agencies that get enormous energy and inspiration from each other. Sometimes our job is to bring them together to tackle complex client challenges. Other times, it’s knowing when to get out of their way.

I’m a bit embarrassed to say it, but we thought we’d be the smartest guys in the room when we met the other brands. The reality was humbling in the best possible sense.

Doug Kessler, Velocity

Thinking of joining the Group?

It starts with a chat.

Let’s face it, we may not be right for you and you may not be right for us. The only way to find out is to find out. That starts with coffee... or maybe lunch.

Give us a brief.

Ambitious, impatient leaders bring some of their toughest challenges to Next 15. A good place to start is with our Growth Team. They’ll know the right brands and people to bring into the conversation.

Bring your business into the Next 15 Group.

We’re always acquiring exciting brands. But we’re not big on ‘death by due diligence’. If the strategy/culture fit is good and the leadership team is right, we move quickly to a heads-of-agreement doc that works for everyone. Ready to explore a growth partner?

Or maybe you’re looking to accelerate your career.

Maybe your learning curve is starting to flatten out. Or you’ve been in your comfort zone for a bit too long. Or you're just not growing fast enough in your current gig.

Next 15 has been a great acquirer. The deal was fast and fair. They kept their promises and they’ve supported us through our continued evolution with major investment.

James Melhuish, CEO, Plinc