Some of the world’s most talented strategists, leaders, creatives and data people work at Next 15, reinventing the way brands grow.

We’re big enough to take on big, complex problems for amazing clients – but small enough to keep the work fast, fluid and fun. Thinking about your next move? We should talk.

Key stats.







I’d shrivel up and die in the huge holding groups. Here, I can be my plump and shiny self.

Doug Kessler, Co-founder Velocity

Why Next 15?

A quirky culture.

Everyone talks about things like empowerment and autonomy. Next 15 is what happens when they’re actually built into the business model and the culture. This is a place where smart, talented, kind people can be themselves and create remarkable work. Visit us and you’ll feel it.

Doing important things.

We help companies grow. But the old ways of doing that don’t work any more. So we’re reinventing the disciplines that drive growth. It’s challenging, sometimes frustrating, but really, really worthwhile. Good days here are the best days work can offer.

Growing people.

We love the steep part of the learning curve and we hate stagnation. If you ever feel your growth is starting to slow down, we’ll help you find your next big challenge – and support you every step of the way.   

Everyone included.

There’s no one ‘Next 15 type’. We welcome people from every background and work hard to embrace new perspectives. Come as you are. 

I’ve moved from one Next 15 brand to another. They’re very different businesses but you can feel the common culture: it’s about integrity, respect and optimism.

Rob Carter, Group Client Managing Director Next 15

Next 15 values.

Be human.

In a technology-driven world, we put the ‘who’ before the ‘what’. We strive to be compassionate, inclusive and kind. We bring our whole selves to work every day. We support and encourage each other. We listen to and respect each other’s ideas, regardless of seniority or tenure.

Make it better.

We aim to work in a sustainable and responsible way to create a healthy and positive legacy.

We pursue growth that we are proud of for our brands, each other and ourselves. We use creativity and innovation to find a better way.

Leave your mark.

We use our own initiative to make decisions. We take ownership and personal responsibility for our work. We are not afraid of making mistakes – we test and learn as we go.

We are proactive and have an entrepreneurial spirit. We don’t stick to the status quo – we try to shape the future.

The most interesting brands in the business.

We’re a loosely coupled group of specialist consultancies and agencies. If you like going deep and becoming an expert, there are dozens of places to do that within the group.

Ask yourself a question.

Are you growing as fast as you’d like to? If you are, stay put (and call us when that changes). If you’re not…

Our people are our biggest investment and greatest asset.

We love connecting and working with people who are genuinely passionate about what they do, have a growth mindset and constantly strive to find new ways of working with clients.

Colleagues were not just welcoming but eager to collaborate, ensuring that I felt part of the community from day one.

Everyone was approachable and open to sharing their knowledge and experiences.

The dynamic team and the unyielding support from colleagues have given me a sense of belonging and purpose.


We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce.

We uphold and celebrate our differences. We do not discriminate. Regardless of your race, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, social background, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or veteran status, you are welcome to join us. Just bring your whole self.


You’re bored. Admit it.

You’ve been in your comfort zone for too long. Jump onto a new learning curve at Next 15 or one of our portfolio brands.