We are a diversified group of specialist businesses built around a simple commercial truth: Companies can always be better at what they do and will always want to grow.

No CEO wakes up thinking: 'I want my business to be less desirable than it was yesterday.'

While the challenges business leaders face are constantly changing, we believe there will always be a need for specialists that can solve their most important challenges. Which is why we grow, and where necessary acquire, the specialist businesses that solve the problems they often haven't even realised they have.

Next 15’s performance demonstrates the strength of our decentralised model, our deep commitment to innovation in tech and data, and the responsiveness of our diverse group of specialist businesses to evolving megatrends.

Tim Dyson, CEO

Reasons to invest.

Next 15 is a portfolio of modern specialist, data-led marketing consultancies with management teams incentivised to act as entrepreneurial shareholders in growing their business over the long term. 

We have a deep focus on technology and data; our businesses sit at the forefront of global megatrends, including digital transformation, demand generation, data-driven decision making, and customer experience.  

Through M&A or organic investing behind talent and mega-trends we enable our clients to drive their businesses forward whilst accelerating our own growth. 

Our group model is there to support and de-risk each business, while maintaining business unit accountability; for example, central AI investment to support efficiency and innovation across the Group. 

Next 15 has a track record of strong organic growth complemented by successful M&A of driving margin expansion to 20%+.

Long term and material outperformance of the broader marketing cycle driven by our distinct client positioning, with a resilient, loyal, diverse and high-quality client base, and the multiple revenue and business models within the group. 

And, a strong balance sheet and highly cash generative business, ensuring we remain well-placed to drive organic and inorganic growth. 

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