Next 15 is committed to harmonising our operations and how we work with our clients in the context of the environment, actively pursuing sustainability for the betterment of our planet.

Impact area – Environment.

Growing our climate action and collaboration.

We believe that putting ESG considerations at the heart of the business is central to our success going forward. As an important part of this, we recognise that organisations of all kinds are increasingly determined to achieve and demonstrate sound environmental performance by measuring, understanding, managing and mitigating the impact of activities, products and services. We’re committed to playing our part and leaning in as much as possible in helping to protect our planet, recognising that good environmental management and consideration must be an integral and fundamental part of our own strategic priorities. From our commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative to ensuring we’re fully engaged with regulatory reporting, from training and upskilling our people to establishing positive partnerships, we are committed to making a positive difference.

Green 15

Green 15 is Next 15’s global green team which started in September 2022. Since the beginning it has gone from strength to strength, in such a positive and encouraging way, reaching people across our brands globally.

Led by the Next 15 sustainability team, in collaboration with our offices and brands globally, its primary goal is to continually build awareness and create as much opportunity to engage and positively influence in support of a greener, more sustainable world. Green 15 initiatives range from sustainable food and fashion markets to photography competitions which encourage getting everyone out into nature. Whatever our focus, we constantly strive to consider the global context of our wonderful family of brands, so that everyone, no matter where they are, has an opportunity to be a part of our positive and meaningful collaborative.

Ready when you are.

You don’t need a tightly defined brief to tap into the Next 15 network. Just talk to our Growth Team. They’ll know exactly who to bring into the room.