Our clients compete on four growth fronts.

So our services focus on the same high-impact areas: Insight, Engagement, Delivery and Business Transformation. Each offer is made stronger by all the others. When combined, they create the kind of competitive advantage that can only come from an integrated approach. No discipline is an island.

Our markets.

We’re famous for our work across technology markets. But we’ve also built deep expertise in healthcare, retail, financial services, consumer passions and the public sector.

Our strategic priorities:

Accelerate our Growth Consultancy model.

Our clients are looking to grow – through financial returns, societal impact or both. We’ve created a unique growth practice that brings together some of the world’s best strategists, catalysts, product/service designers and venture builders. All empowered by our loosely coupled group model.

Leverage what’s next.

We invest in shared resources, from technology and data platforms to AI models, insight platforms and scalable processes. The idea is to combine the depth and expertise of our specialist brands with the combined power of an agile group.

Lead with values.

Our portfolio brands and our top talent come to us because we live our values. That starts with choosing clients, suppliers and people who share them. We’re not afraid to turn away profitable work that has a negative impact. To everyone at Next 15, integrity matters.

Celebrate and develop our people.

This is entirely a talent business. We acquire great businesses with strong leaders and passionate teams – then create a place where they can thrive. It’s a low-ego, highly entrepreneurial culture – the opposite of the top-down, command-and-control model that alienates the best people.