Next 15 is committed to governance that upholds our ethical standards and drives progress towards a more sustainable world.

Impact area – Governance.

Running our business as a force for good is important to us.

It involves committing to practices that not only seek financial success but also contribute positively to society and the environment. It means prioritising an ethical approach in how we operate as a business, manage our people and work with our clients. It encompasses embracing corporate social responsibility, fostering inclusivity and diversity, and driving innovation that addresses environmental and societal challenges. By integrating these values into our approach, our businesses can build a legacy of trust and respect, ensuring long-term viability and a positive reputation. Next 15 embodies this ethos, recognising that a commitment to doing good is fundamental to the success and sustainability of both the business and the wider world we inhabit.

The ‘Next 15 Framework’.

The Next 15 Framework is a foundation for both managing risk across the Group and enabling our continuing growth in a values-aligned direction.

The Supplier Policy, Data Protection & Privacy Policy, Whistleblowing Policy and Client Ethics Policy are just a part of the significantly wider breadth of policies that make up our ‘Next 15 Framework’. Each one sets out the key principles needed to be embedded by each of our brands in order to ensure we’re aligned as a Group in our approach to good, sound and honest business practices.

Ratings and recognition.

Sustainability ratings and recognition are not just accolades, they are powerful tools that can drive business growth, risk management, and stakeholder engagement in an increasingly socially and environmentally conscious world.
Ratings and recognition play a pivotal role in our business sustainability efforts across several areas and ensure credibility and trust from all our stakeholders of our commitment to a more sustainable world, securing confidence that we are both values and market aligned.

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Our B Corp community.

As a Group we have continued to report across all the B Corp impact areas. Using this structured framework is one part of how we support our brands more broadly in navigating their respective B Corp journeys. Following elvis’ achievement of B Corp certification in FY23, and Archetype UK and Archetype US in FY25, we are incredibly proud of our expanding B Corp community and remain committed to offering unwavering support through our ESG Strategic Priorities.

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Ready when you are.

You don’t need a tightly defined brief to tap into the Next 15 network. Just talk to our Growth Team. They’ll know exactly who to bring into the room.