Progress in FY24.
  • Relaunched our ED&I Council including brand‑level assessments and engagement to further deepen our insight and better tailor our support
  • Held the first intercompany Employee Listening Sessions hosted by Non-Executive Paul Butler
  • Included an eNPS metric as a non-financial metric in Executive Director and CEO bonus calculations
  • Progressed with emission reduction measures, including renewable energy transition, supplier engagement, expansion of ISO 14001, and, where possible, consolidation of our offices
  • Submitted SBTi Commitment Letter for near‑term and net-zero targets
  • Commenced refinement of Ethics Group Process and Scorecard
  • Rolled out #ChangeTheBrief training across brands, in support of our sustainable client growth ambitions
  • Rolled out Next 15 Framework of policies across Group
  • Completed CFD as part of new mandatory regulatory requirements
  • Subsequent to the year end, Archetype UK and Archetype US secured B Corp certification


See ESG Report progress in AR FY24

Progress in FY23.
  • Established the ESG Committee
  • Our brand elvis secured B Corp certification
  • Refined the role of the ED&I Council
  • Conducted our first eNPS survey
  • Completed our first materiality assessment to establish ESG topics most material to Next 15
  • Rolled out the Next 15 Academy online learning platform
  • Extended our Scope 3 reporting
  • Attained ISO 14001 certification at our Head Office in London


See ESG Report progress in AR FY23

Progress in FY22.
  • Engaged with the B Corp framework and aligned ourselves with B Corp
  • Established our Ethics Group to ensure alignment with our values
  • Launched Next 15 ED&I Council
  • Commenced engagement with suppliers to ensure values aligned
  • Engaged carbon specialists Green Element to capture carbon data


See ESG Report progress in AR FY22

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