Jul 19, 2022

ELVIS achieves B Corp certification

We are delighted to say that one of our brands, ELVIS, has achieved B Corp certification.

The integrated creative agency had to ‘completely reinvent its business’ in the past 2 years, adopting new measures and initiatives as part of its B Corp journey, including greenhouse gas monitoring, supply chain transparency and new hiring policies to drive diversity.

B Corp awarded them with an above-average score of 91.5 and cited the agency’s multi-award-winning ‘The Illegal Blood Bank’ work for UNILAD, which helped to bring change in the law surrounding blood donation by gay and bisexual men.

The work towards achieving B Corp status was spearheaded by Caroline Davison, who joined ELVIS in 2009 and took on the role of Managing Director and Sustainability Lead in 2020.

Earlier today, ELVIS shared the following statement:

"This has been a journey of complete reinvention for us and represents a step forward in our ongoing ambition to grow in the right way - we are now legally accountable for balancing profit with people and the planet.

And importantly, for our clients, it means they never need to compromise creativity for better world thinking, as we offer the very best of both, being the 8th most awarded creative agency in the UK for 2021.

Over the coming months we will publish details of some key areas of importance to us in relation to our new certification. In the meantime, we're calling on other agencies of all shapes and sizes to begin their B Corp journey now, as the more agencies that are certified, the closer we will come to collectively achieving the systemic change the world needs."

Next 15 is currently working hard to become a B Corp at a Group level. We hope to provide you with updates on this very soon!

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