Nov 18, 2022

ELVIS forms a strategic partnership with Planning-inc

On 18th November, ELVIS announced a strategic partnership with Planning-inc, in the hopes of revitalising its CRM operations. This will enable them to leverage creativity and data science in order to drive long-term value creation throughout the customer journey.

ELVIS CEO Tanya Whitehouse said, “ELVIS and Planning-inc will be working together to create a disproportionate impact for our clients. We are two specialist businesses covering the very best in better world thinking, creativity and intelligent data science, as a supercharged team. Working together over the past few years on an informal basis has already shown how successful this partnership will be for us and our clients."

Planning-inc CEO James Melhuish added: “Marketers are under increasing pressure to deliver highly differentiated communications; messaging that cuts through the noise and builds long-term relationships with customers. They need to be able to quickly and easily deliver experiences that are rooted in data insight and elevated from the norm with brilliant creativity to surprise and delight. Through our collaboration with ELVIS and their unique, unexpected and unforgettable approach, that’s precisely what we can offer.”

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