E.ON — From faceless utility, to sustainable energy leader

Next 15 has embarked on a transformational journey with E.ON, one of the world's largest energy companies, spanning several years.

Together, we have restructured their marketing and communications strategy, adopting a purpose-led approach across a diverse mix of channels. Our collaboration has encompassed customer insight, brand strategy & positioning, experiential marketing, PR, advertising, digital, social, and more. This comprehensive approach has created a real differentiation for E.ON leading to significant sales gains.

Moreover, throughout our tenure, we have successfully repositioned the perception of the E.ON brand among customers and within the company itself. We've transformed E.ON from a faceless utility in a commoditised, generic market, where price was the only differentiator, into being recognised as a forward-thinking company with a strong moral compass. Today, E.ON is seen as a trusted energy partner and a pioneer of sustainable solutions.

Next 15 has provided a comprehensive range of integrated services across multiple agency brands, encompassing customer insight, integrated advertising, digital, website, social, influencer, corporate & consumer PR, research, and management consultancy services.

E.ON, one of the first major energy suppliers to divest from fossil fuel energy production, has rolled out numerous transformational customer initiatives and products, committing to a vision of a sustainable future.

Next 15 agencies have been pivotal in actualising this vision, raising awareness, driving engagement, and ensuring that marketing and customer-centricity are at the heart of E.ON's approach.

Leveraging our collective strengths, we have assisted E.ON over many years, in developing and communicating its brand proposition, helping it become a leader in the sustainable energy market. Our diverse campaigns have not only led to a reappraisal of the brand but have also strengthened relationships with existing customers and attracted new ones to the business.

Our coordinated, multidisciplinary approach has resulted in a continuous series of powerful, integrated, content-led advertising and PR campaigns. These are designed to highlight E.ON’s innovative sustainable energy solutions.

In addition to these initiatives, we have also served in a consultative capacity, aiding in the transformation of E.ON’s internal organisational structure. This assistance has helped shift the business from a product-led model to a more marketing-focused approach.

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