E.ON - It's Time

E.ON has long been a champion of sustainability in the energy sector, equipping homes, businesses and cities with sustainable energy. At a time when others are just beginning to dip their toe in the sustainability waters and set far off targets for sustainable energy, E.ON decided to put a stake in the ground and bring urgency to the greatest threat humanity faces. Not by 2030. Not by next year. Today.


E.ON wanted to increase unaided brand awareness and increase awareness of E.ON EV charging solutions.


We created a hero film which, rather than greenwashed or scaremongered, dramatised a behaviour that we can all be guilty of: ignoring the obvious signs around us.

Our 60 second film, launched across TV and Cinema, unexpectedly shows politicians, businesspeople and homeowners on melting ice caps, on flooded streets and burning forests.

Each of them nonchalantly sings the refrain from the Irma Thomas song “Time Is On My Side”, as their focus remains locked on other things. As the climate crisis–induced scenes escalate, we finally see one woman realise the urgency of the situation. The film resolves with the positive view of the future E.ON is striving to bring about, through sustainable energy solutions for homes, business and cities.

The campaign built through DOOH, print and social, where the specific sustainable technology E.ON can offer came to the fore. Solar panels, EV chargers and air source heat pumps featured against positive nature-filled backgrounds, with headlines that continue the urgent rallying cry of “It’s Time”.


The primary campaign success measure of unaided brand awareness steadily increased across campaign period, achieving a 10% point lift when comparing pre & post campaign, +8% points above benchmark.

The secondary campaign measure of increasing awareness of E.ON EV charging solutions delivered a 4% point uplift - pulling back the recent declines seen by the brand.

Finally, an unexpected result occurred:

  • Traffic to eonenergy.com increased by +34% during the campaign.  
  • Engagement on the website also grew across this period by +37%.

E.ON is committed to sustainability through every part of the business, including its marketing. The challenge of making the campaign as sustainable as humanely possible was hugely exciting. We were meticulous throughout the entire process to ensure we kept our impact down to a minimum, while not compromising the entertainment factor to drive home the urgency with which we now need to act on climate change.

Ross Newton, Creative Director, House 337

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