Health Education England — Retaining the skills of junior doctors.

How Health Education England reduced turnover for the world’s largest employer of highly skilled professionals.

Recruiting the nation’s best healthcare workers is just the beginning for Health Education England. The institution trains employees for seven years, investing as much as £250,000 into the careers of junior doctors. Reducing turnover is critical. HEE needed help spotting the career moments where they could provide much-needed support.

Together, we made some major breakthroughs.

Predicting dissatisfaction
We helped HEE understand employee attrition dynamics over time and across a variety of development journeys—going way beyond high-level workforce analytics.

Building a unified data warehouse
We ingested over 10 million records from multiple NHS and HEE systems, creating a scalable platform that data scientists across departments can use collaboratively.

Reinforcing confidence in data
We collected, cleaned and collated data from disparate sources to develop a machine learning model that predicts attrition throughout the career journey.


accuracy identifying individuals at risk of attrition


records ingested from multiple sources

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