Kiyan Prince – Addressing knife crime

Garnering international recognition and support to tackle knife crime - A moving tribute to a young football star in the making. The Kiyan Prince Foundation brings his legacy centre stage and to new generation.

Changing the narrative.

The Kiyan Prince Foundation is a charity that works with young people to give them a sense of self-worth and lead them away from antisocial behaviour and knife crime. It was set up by Dr Mark Prince after his son Kiyan, a promising young footballer with QPR, was tragically stabbed and killed while trying to break up a fight at school.


A story of hope.

On the 15th anniversary of his death, we brought Kiyan back to life as the professional footballer he would have been.

Fulfilling his childhood dream, it was announced that had been officially re-signed by QPR and given the squad number 30, reflecting the age he would be today.

Influencers that we know resonate with a young, urban audience shared Kiyan’s story across their platforms, with the likes of F2 freestylers, Anthony Joshua and A Star Barbers all getting involved.


We worked with EA Sports to add Kiyan as a player in FIFA 21, taking his story directly to the demographic the Foundation is trying to reach.

A JD Sports advertising campaign saw 30-year-old Kiyan appear on billboards across London.


  • 800 Pieces of coverage internationally
  • 2B Cumulative reach covered by every UK national newspaper aside from the FT
  • £30,000+ Raised In the 24 hour period following the campaign launch, that’s 3 years of donations in a single day

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