PETA – Shop to save our lives

Highlights animal cruelty in fashion with the aim to re-educate us all about the use of animal products in fashion and the ongoing consequences for the animals involved.


The UK is a nation of animal lovers, however, this concern for animal welfare simply was not translating to our clothing. PETA tasked us with raising awareness of this issue amongst people aged 25-40 encouraging them to make vegan clothing choices.


To tackle this we decided to completely re-educate our audience. 

We’re taught from a young age that wool “is just a haircut” and that leather or down are just a harmless by-product of the meat industry. But this simply isn’t true.

So we created ‘Red River Farm’  to re-educate the nation and reveal the truth about the use of animals to make clothes. 

Posing as a classic kids TV show, but with a twist, our cute puppet animals sing the graphic reality to an unwitting celebrity host, Jessie Cave.

It offers an unflinching explanation of how clothes are really made and the consequences for the animals involved.


With zero media budget, the film was picked up by major newspapers and received over 1.2 million views.

A big part of the challenge with these sorts of projects is finding a fresh and engaging way to talk to people that avoids using the same old finger-wagging shock tactics many charities use. That is where our band of cute-but-grotesque puppets came in. We’re very happy with the final film and really hope that it gets people to question the clothes they buy and where they come from.

-Steve Hawthorne, Creative Director, House337

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