Plinc — Crew Clothing

get real-time insights in their Black Friday war room

The story.

In the lead up to Black Friday 2022, retailers needed to be prepared for anything. Between lingering post-pandemic behaviour changes and the cost-of-living squeeze, Crew Clothing recognised they couldn’t depend on historical data from previous years to accurately predict their upcoming peak season engagement and sales. While the brand already had analytics tools in place, the solutions were not granular enough, nor were they able to present a unified view of in-store and online data in real time. To make the most of their Black Friday sales, Crew Clothing needed a comprehensive real-time dashboard that combined in-store and online activity, demonstrated channel impact and allowed them to monitor category spend, enabling the CRM and marketing team to optimise their campaigns to achieve the best results.

The Impact.

With this easy-to-understand dashboard at the ready, Crew were able to consistently monitor key metrics throughout the day in their Black Friday War Room. The data and insights were self-serve and simple to share business-wide. Because they were not reliant on a third-party to supply them with snapshots, they could track customer behaviour in real time to better understand the impact of their activities.

The dashboard was a great piece of work that would appeal to most businesses. Real-time, accurate reporting on key metrics…what business wouldn’t want to know that?

Steven Moriarty Senior Data and Insights Manager

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