Russell Reynolds — Helping Russell Reynolds take the lead in CEO succession planning

Russell Reynolds needed to evolve their brand to help companies with one of the toughest challenges of leadership planning: CEO succession.

They needed to showcase their positioning to attract new prospects without diminishing their traction with board-level executives. Content and digital formats were key to showcasing their leadership and everything was needed on a tight timescale,.

For over 50 years, Russell Reynolds has been laser-focused on the goal of improving the way the world is led. That means being discerning about the way society is evolving and playing a crucial role in influencing how fast that evolution happens.


The positioning and brand explored a range of concepts, playing with light and people-focused imagery. It needed look like them but with extra pizazz. 

The content that followed featured: 

  • A hubpage for the campaign that served as a destination on its own while sign-posting the most relevant follow on pieces 
  • Executive articles and ebooks 
  • Internal launch materials to get the internal team aligned, including written materials and videos 

This was promoted through an always-on awareness campaign that then fuelled conversion and lead gen programs as well as a highly targeted ABM strategy.


  • The campaign delivered several leads and a single deal worth over $230,000
  • We outstripped all KPIs set for the programmatic ads campaign
  • We achieved 2,912 conversions from the paid search campaign

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