Savanta — British Gas

Maximising impact of a re-design on customer loyalty

The challenge.

British Gas UK Business (BGB) have a need to understand and develop service offering to maximise customer loyalty and attractiveness of the brand over the competition. Savanta has been helping BGB to track performance and understand SME and Commercial & Industrial business customer behaviour for over a decade. BGB’s results are a critical indicator of success amongst both current customers and new acquisition.

The approach.

Measurement of the customer journey from joining, renewing, mid-contract, silent and active customers, to leavers, we provide a clear understanding of progress and pain points.

Key deliverables included:

  • Competitive analysis provides comparative data against the Big 6 energy suppliers and the non-Big Six emerging competitors.
  • SMICoP (Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice) provides quarterly compliance reports to the regulator and insight to BGB.


  • Results are presented bi-annually to the marketing department and customer servicing teams.
  • Storytelling techniques are adopted utilising videos, infographic techniques and online portals.
  • Insight has been instrumental to the re-design of customer facing processes across BGB. Significant and sustained improvements in brand positioning, leading to greater loyalty and reduced churn.

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