Solita — Launching an employer brand while improving customer acquisition for Solita

Solita were looking to get on the radar of top tech talent while getting the right prospects engaged in their sales pipelines. For both objectives making a hero of their culture to stand out in a digital transformation space was critical to success.

Campaigns to improve awareness of them as an attractive employer as well as a strategic and innovative tech partner resulted in 30.5% increase yoy in ad-driven traffic and hundreds of applications for key roles.

Solita is a digital transformation company operating out of the Nordics. Their clients come to them for ways they can use the latest technology and AI to improve and design their services, processes and embrace new business models.


For both the employer branding and customer acquisition strategies we created a creative platform to bring voice and mojo front and center. We featured their people in the ads for both the brand and their recruitment campaigns to showcase their unique personality and demonstrate the value they put in their team.

The campaigns were set up across digital channels and expanded to their key geographies across Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Norway and Estonia. Regional teams, country-specific benefits and characteristics were featured as well and Solita made a virtue of their ‘come as you are’ value proposition to attract prospective employees as well as customers.


  • 30.5% year-on-year increase on ad-driven traffic 
  • 7% CTR for Google ads on key terms 
  • 250+ conversions on applications in the first few months 
  • Job roles featured an unprecedented application volume 

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