Toyota — Every car has its own personality.

Why treat all drivers the same?

Toyota is committed to putting the customer first. The problem: their financial services, dealerships, and warranty companies were all working with totally separate ideas of who its customers were and what they wanted.

A new CRM system strategy and data management plan changed all that.

A single customer view

We started by bringing together the different data sources into one cloud environment using our proprietary algorithms. So every part of the business is now on-message, following the same communications plan. No more confusing calls-to-action.

Humanising every interaction

By loading customer data with scores and segments into its CRM, we could pinpoint exactly who Toyota was talking to. They now know if they should offer father-of-four Mark a test-drive of the new Yaris Cross or send 18-year-old Sally a reminder to get a finance quote for her first car

Things we’re proud of:

  • Setting up a new data framework to connect the dots so that Toyota sends the right message at the right time
  • Uncovering deeper insights into the whole customer story so Toyota can take the relationship further
  • Simplifying the language so everyone’s on the same page
  • Dramatically increasing value from CRM campaigns by moving single-burst campaigns to individual customer journeys


increase in car sales from the repurchase predictive model


increase in email engagement


Increase in high-value behaviours
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