Undo – The fight against Big Tobacco

In partnership with award-winning brand and advertising agency Duncan Channon, Beyond supplied their design expertise to the UNDO program to help the state of California meet their ambitious public health goals.

UNDO is a program of the California Department of Public Health and is one of the leading public health programs in the U.S. fighting to end Big Tobacco’s deadly epidemic in California.


The California Department of Public Health engaged Beyond to create a web platform called UNDO.org that would educate the people of California about their cause, inspire the public to stand against the tobacco industry, and activate new supporters with easy-to-take actions.


Following in-depth research with California residents, Beyond quickly identified the web platform’s priority populations and created a website that balances emotional and logical appeals. Their strategy approached every page with a distinct goal: educate for action. The site has proven to be a success in prompting action against Big Tobacco, but the fight continues — Beyond has been working with the California Department of Public Health for 5+ years and hopes to be by their side until the end.


Within the first year of the site’s launch:

  • 10% more site visitors expressed high amounts of distrust in the tobacco industry
  • 15,000+ letters of concern were sent to local elected officials
  • 26,000+ people used social media to share information learned from the site

Undo.org was also recognized as a nominee at the 2024 Webby Awards.

Beyond has become an invaluable resource to the team, providing strategic leadership and insight to develop digital experiences that enhance our ability to protect Californians from being preyed upon by Big Tobacco, and by extension, save Californian lives.

California Department of Public Health

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