Women’s Aid — He’s Coming Home

1.6m women in the UK are living with domestic abuse. Every four days a woman is murdered by their partner. In 2022, with the World Cup on the horizon, Next 15 brand, House 337, developed a pro bono campaign for the UK charity, Women’s Aid to help raise awareness of the fact that, during big sporting events, domestic abuse rises by up to 38%.


The campaign’s objective was simple: get people talking about the issue and drive people to the Women’s Aid website to find out how they could help. As the country came together to show their support for England, House 337 hijacked the most ubiquitous and powerful phrase, transforming it from a beloved chant to a chilling warning and powerfully showing the darker side of football. All by simply changing one word: HE’S coming home. The TV and billboard campaign launched on 25 November 2022, just after the second group game for England, delivering a timely message to people making their way home. For a tiny charity with no budget, the campaign achieved the impossible. It cut through the Black Friday frenzy and went viral.

It was watched 23m times on TikTok alone. It was shared by celebrities but also by meme accounts, TikTokers and people who wouldn’t usually share adverts. It generated a combined reach of 222m.


It infiltrated culture via WhatsApp groups, around the dinner table and down the pub. Every major news outlet picked it up. It got the attention of political figures, The Home Office, national police authorities, policy makers, and local councils.

Not only did it create action and generate conversation, but it got the vital message out there to those who might require Women’s Aid services.

There was:

  • 78.3% increase in direct traffic from organic social to the Women’s Aid website
  • 44.28% increase in traffic to the donate page
  • 17.1% increase in traffic to the information and support page, as the public sought ways to offer their support

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