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Mach49: Igniting Venture-Driven Growth for Global Enterprises

Inside large companies lie billion-dollar ideas, hidden talent, and ready capital—resources and expertise that are the envy of any startup. Yet, many companies struggle to fully harness these assets to drive new growth. Mach49 specializes in helping global enterprises achieve venture-driven growth by leveraging their unique advantages to build and invest in new ventures. 

Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and venture capitalists combines Silicon Valley know-how with strategic insight and practical, hands-on experience to guide clients through the complexities of venture creation and investment. We work hand-in-hand with client teams to develop and execute tailored growth strategies, systematically validating and launching new business ideas, forging strategic partnerships with startups, and building organizational capabilities for repeated venture success.

Mach49's core offerings—venture building, investing, and strategy—are designed to drive tangible business results. We help clients diversify revenue streams, enter new markets, and stay ahead of industry disruption. Our specialized solutions, including Brand Ventures, AI-powered Shift platform, and Growth Institute programs, address specific client needs and help enterprises build lasting venture capabilities.

At Mach49, we are 100% focused on execution, having helped global businesses across industries, from media and information services to energy, consumer goods, manufacturing, automotive, financial services, software, and semiconductors. Our teachable, repeatable, and scalable approach to corporate venture building and investing, shared in our book "The Unicorn Within: How Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed" (HBR Press, October 2022), makes us uniquely qualified to help global businesses build their internal capability to launch and manage their own growth engine.

Key Services:

  • CVC Design & Management
  • Investment team support
  • Strategic partnering development & management
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Start-up M&A Diligence
  • Silicon Valley Immersion experiences
  • Ideation
  • Customer development / New venture validation
  • Incubation design  launch & management
  • Recruitment, training and development

Sector Specialisms:
Personnel / Consulting
Financial Services

Redwood, CA
Boston, MA

Client Highlights:
Hines, Halliburton Labs, TDK, Hypertherm, Southwire, Hitachi, Schneider Electric, Goodyear, RWE