Morar are specialists in measuring and advising on brand performance. Morar’s research and advisory services provide managers with the insight and ideas to grow the value of their brands.

Helping to create brand value. Our approach is characterised by the quality of the work we deliver and the lasting relationships we build with our clients.

Getting to the point. Our research forms the basis for much of our brand consulting at Morar. We make the process easy, engaging and enlightening.

A tailor made fit. We individually design every piece of research for the specific needs of that brand and that project. This ensures the information is collected in the right way from the right people, and ultimately allowing us to provide actionable insights.

Results that help you make decisions. We can help to determine the current status of your brand relative to competitors, test new product opportunities, decide on credible brand positioning options, uncover how employees perceive your brand, or explore the impact of brand-building activities over time.

Continual innovation and knowledge building. We learn from every project we work on, improving our products, services and standards on a daily basis. We keep in touch with new developments in branding, marketing, research and statistics; offering the best of each to our clients.

Client Highlights

Admiral, Land Securities, Dell, Fitness First, Sky, Nando’s, Pearson, Global Blue and TPG Capital.

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